Bukri Yirgu was born in Kocher, Ethiopia, in the southern city. Her mother, Abaye, introduced her to traditional Ethiopian cooking when she was seven. During the communist era of Ethiopia in 1984, Bukri moved to Paris, France with her brother. Bukri quickly became acquainted with the new world and culture and began to feel her passion in cooking with the help of her older brother, an executive chef who lived in Switzerland, was who influenced her more when she went to cooking school.

Bukri not only have a gift for cooking, but also a passion for sharing it. From an early age, Bukri learned the value of family, good friends and great food. These were the basis of the timeless recipes and creativity of Bukri. Also, letting her longtime admirers and customers enjoy her cooking at home and the shop. 



We have been serving food since 1989, which started with a French and Ethiopian Restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Because Bukri is a French cook and talented in Ethiopian cuisine, her unique style in preparing her delicious food has made her popular in the community. In 1994, we moved to Dallas, TX and continued in the foodservice industry with the opening of a restaurant and a shop in Dallas and Garland City. After serving the community of Dallas-Fort Worth for ten years, we focused more on catering and started a full-time catering service at the same place as we have been since 1999.

We have a wide range of catering experiences in various groups and cultures, organizations, churches, schools and businesses. We look forward to every occasion.