Bukri with her husband, Daniele, giving an interview about their Sauce 

On EBS business segment called "EYITA" aired on November 16, 2013, introduced Bukri's kulet and Pasta sauce for Amharic speaking audiences to all over the world.  

D Magazin article about Star Bukri's Catering

Head to Star Bukri’s Catering for Ethiopian Treats

BY Eve Hill-Agnus, November 27, 2018


No doubt you have never heard of it: Star Bukri’s Catering, a name that begs parsing. Bukri is the owner, and her sauces are on the shelf: “Experience the unique flavors of traditional Ethiopian Abyssinian cuisine from Bukri’s family recipes,” the jars promise. She wanted to make it easier for people to make the bases at home. But you could also come here and find it in person. For more readings click HERE.